Documenting Psychological Terror

I have written blogs concerning these institutions, and the blatent organised psychological terror assault on myslef that took place in these institutions, on an ongoing manner. Those blogs may have been compromised, as this may become compromised, (security).

Gang Stalking is stalking by more than one person to a victim, usually involving community harassment, or the “mob”, using people from all backgrounds and vocations to harass, tracking 24/7, sometimes organizing lethal vehicle accidents, poisoinings, electronic harassment, home invasions/property destruction, corrupt or ignorant doctor diagnosis given to stamp the victim as bogus mentally ill with delusions, paranoi, or schizophrenia, etc.


This crime is real. It is State sponsored, and there are many victims. It is known as gang stalking, terror stalking, multistalking. article here 

It is a protracted pscyhological terror assault, that includes ongoing incremental chemical perpetration that is administered in covert manners. It aims to wreck a person, and drive them to suicide. It is state sponsored.

West Pines Behavior Services 

Colorado West Recovery

South Coast Reovery

South Coast Medical Centers Behavior Serivces

I have been pushed into for months facilities of recovery and psychiatry for the sole purpose of being psychologically tortured, while experiencing covert chemical assaults that were designed to induce psychotic like symptoms, so that these participating doctors can give me bogus diagnosis.

The enter enterprise of gang stalking is scary, and authorities can do nothing, and it has been said that they are somehow recruited.  

Terror Clinics: Facilities of Recovery and Psychiatry used in organised psychological terror campaigns 

The writer has experienced psychological harassment, as well as psychological violence in what seems to be a protracted effort aimed at him.

  • He has been misrepresented by professional psychiatrists, told that he was a long time drug user by professionals, when such is not the case.
  • At West Pines he was told that he had travelled the world using drugs. This is fabrication, and misrepresentation by a paid psychiatric professional, and seems to have been said to harass the patient, and demean him. Such may have been used to slandering the victim to his family, and others.
  •  A psychiatrist whom he payed a visit to told a staff member at a rehab in California, where he was a paying client, that the patient was “crazy”. Breach of patient’s rights to privacy, breach of disclosure rules.
  • He was pressured into accepting medication against his will, simply to be released from the psychiatric ward of South Coast Medical Center, and such release also depended upon the patient admitting to the doctor that the patients belief concerning situations of a legal nature was erroneous, and based on fiction.
  • After release, he returned to South Coast Recovery, where staff members and a housing manager harassed him about taking the medication. He was eventually able to discontinue the medication, but endured undue harassments concerning taking the medication, in a rehab that initially told him, that if he did not want to take a perscribed medication, he had every right to stop taking it. This harassment concerning the medication was unusual, and intense.
  • He has been given, by several psychiatrists, the diagnosis of substance use induced psychosis. All such diagnosis are medically unverifiable. The diagnosis were based on the beliefs concerning certain recollections of past events, and in no way were they based on the patients state of mind at the time of consultation. These diagnosis took place in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Orange County, California. They are not based on professional psychiatric evaluations.

Fumigations and taste corruption of coffee and food, laced cigarettes

  • The patient/victim entered South Coast Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, in early August, and left in mid October. What he experienced there was a continuation of what I had experienced at the CIRT rehab in Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as at the Denver International Youth Hostel, in Denver , Colorado.
  • “At South Coast Recovery many of my roomates seemed to be perpetrating spraying at night around my bed. Often my clothing would have been sprayed, for some strange smells would be about them. This would happen to the bedding as well. Identical happenings took place both at the Denver International Youth Hostel, and Colorado West Recovery, Grand Junction.”

Locations of chemical fumigations/laced items:

  • Denver International Youth Hostel
  • CIRT Grand Junction, Colorado
  • South Coast Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

I have endured moral harassments in these facilites to one extent or another. This has been organised, and has been accompnied by the covert fumigations.

This awful assult with fumes and strange unnatural scents has been happening for some time, and since it is covertly done, the victim has never been able to identify it, he can only explained such occurances to friends and family.The victim has been assaulted by covert harassments since February of this year, and one defining element that have been difficult to explain to people is …”scent harassments, chemicals put around me that cause a discomfort in my mouth, and fumigations while lying in bed.”

The discomfort from the fumes and chemicals, creating numbness, and a strange sensation in the mouth, feels similar to breathing aresol sprays of some chemical cleaner.

Also chemically laced cigarettes, sometimes from packs ofalready opened that have been tampered with. The victim has been drugged as well, with mild stimulants of some sort, that seem to make one feel on edge, or give me a feeling of uneasy, nervousness, and cuasing me to feel uncomfortable in social settings.

Covert chemicals either put in the victim’s coffee, as well as from unidentifed sources possible gassings, which cause one to feel quite uncomposed, unsettled, and generally strange.

 some good likes and excerpts below:

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